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Work with me today and harness your King energy. I work with Men who are ready to change! 

My Story

Like many of you, I was very lost with life. I spent most of my life looking for answers, and I often searched in all the wrong places. At a young age, I struggled with both addiction and depression. I pushed away almost everyone that showed me kindness and refuge. 

However, these troubled years gave me a bitter-tasting wisdom. 

It’s very easy to fall where I have fallen. Many strong and happy people do. It’s very easy to feel worthless or lost in the world. However the cure isn’t nearly as common as the disease, and oftentimes it isn’t administered the best way for the patient. 

This is why I created Kings Forge. I understood that there are millions of men like me who  desperately need a purpose and an outlet of expression. Metalwork retreats allow men to connect with one another and express the darkest parts of themselves in a new healthy light. 

I have ten years perfecting metal work retreats that combine 1-1 coaching aimed at uncovering the king in all of us. 

Defining coaching

Coaching should go beyond just giving advice. Coaching should guide you to your goals with purpose and power, by knowing you are the one with the power.

 I work on the principle that you already have everything you need to feel complete, powerful, and masculine. My goal is to enable you to be you, not who you think you should be or who you’ve been told you must be. You in all of your magnificence.

You are magnificent. 

Do you let people walk all over you at work?

Do you struggle to make a lasting and powerful connection with women?

Do you feel like you are not a real man?



You are not in touch with your masculine energy.

You need


Emotional Intelligence


When you work with me you harness these qualities in their fullness.


Self-Esteem leads to confidence. Confidence makes you stronger, fairer, purposeful.

Confidence leads to emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence attracts connection, intimacy, and love. Emotional intelligence leads to charisma. Name and express your emotions with power and confidence and people are in awe.

You speak your mind, you stand up for yourself.

You are seen as the King.

You are whole, powerful, compassionate. People flock to the King in their lives.


And when you need to be you harness the power of vulnerability to level the playing field and show up in a way where there is no equal.


Emotional Intelligence


Work with me now and unleash your King.





Your Masculinity is yours to own. 



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