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My Story

Like many of you, I was very lost with life. I spent most of my life looking for answers, and I often searched in all the wrong places. At a young age, I struggled with both addiction and depression. I pushed away almost everyone that showed me kindness and refuge. 

However, these troubled years gave me a bitter-tasting wisdom. 

It’s very easy to fall where I have fallen. Many strong and happy people do. It’s very easy to feel worthless or lost in the world. However the cure isn’t nearly as common as the disease, and oftentimes it isn’t administered the best way for the patient. 

This is why I created Kings Forge. I understood that there are millions of men like me who so desperately need a purpose and an outlet of expression. Metalwork retreats allow men to connect with one another and express the darkest parts of themselves in a new healthy light. 

I have ten years perfecting metal work retreats that combine 1-1 coaching aimed at uncovering the king in all of us. 

Defining coaching

Coaching should go beyond just giving advice.  Coaching should guide you to your goals. 

That’s why we work on the principle that you already have everything you need to feel complete. This means our goal is to enable you to be you, not who you think you should be or who you’ve been told you must be. 


We believe the most powerful version of you is someone that enhances all aspects of their life. That person is in complete control of everything that will ever happen. Weaknesses crumble and you become wiser, stronger and more connected to the divine masculine within you.  Fears burn to ashes in the fire of confidence. All of your sacrifices and redemptions will be brought to the forge and mended into a suit of armour that you use to take on the world. 


Self-Esteem leads to confidence. Confidence leads to emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence attracts connection, intimacy, and love. We take your curiosity and sense of wonder and use that as a catalyst to revitalise your vision for yourself. When these elements are joined together, the man you become will be respected in work, cherished in love and celebrated now and for years to come. 


What you choose to do with this newfound self is completely up to you. I don’t tell you how to be a man or how to act. I provide a unique space so you explore what confidence means to you and feel empowered and comfortable inside your skin. No more fear, no more questioning who you are, no more feeling lost.  


Our goal is to give you the courage to discover and embrace  who you really are.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman


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