My Metal work retreats are quite unlike any retreat you've experienced before. I regularly gather my clients together for 4 days of creative collaboration and coaching. When you come on the retreat, you will be able to relax and recuperate in the lush and revitalising scenery of the north Norfolk countryside. The location is unsurpassed for tranquillity, a 14th century converted watermill will be your home as I take you through an experience like no other.

I will mentor you through using all the power tools in my fully functioning professional metal workshop. You will take on the responsibility of using tools that burn at 20,000 degrees to cut through steel, angle grinders that cut through steel bars, mitre saws, and two types of welding machines, where you will use molten steel to bond the most challenging material on the planet. The purpose of this experience is to give you the opportunity to create a piece of work (or several) that represents to you your power. I  invite you to learn new skills which rely on your ability to step into a confident, responsible and highly intuitive way of working.


I provide coaching and mentoring through the retreat so you will be achieving your optimum state of empowerment. 

Each evening you and the group comes together to cook for each other, whether inside or around a fire we bond in the way men have done for centuries. Good food, brotherhood and community. 


I encourage bonding and brotherhood throughout the retreat. 


I regularly invite facilitators to join me on the retreat where they offer the opportunity to:


Learn meditation

Learn leadership skills

Learn self-defence

Learn cooking and nutrition skills


The retreat works especially well with Men who:

Experience social anxiety.

Experience depression and anxiety.

Feel lost or without direction.

Experience low self-confidence.

Have experienced long periods of illness.

Want to challenge themselves.

Want to forge their identity as a Warrior to a King.

The location of the retreat is a 19th century converted watermill in the North Norfolk countryside. Here tranquillity reigns and is a perfect place to experience a refreshing getaway for your transformation.



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